Sunday, April 17, 2011

Meal Plan–Theme Nights

Several of the food blogs which I follow have talked about having theme nights and how much easier it makes planning meals.  Recently I started watching “The Food Nanny” on BYU-TV (we just got U-verse) and she is all about theme nights.

Last summer I started doing salads on Thursdays, but often just did the same chef salad week after week.  Luckily, my kids and husband never complained, and actually liked it.  This fall/winter I did less salads, but added several soups each Friday.  It did make things easier that I didn’t have to think as much about what to make for dinner those nights.

Now I think I’m ready to try it each night.  We’ll see how it works.

IMG_2029(Isn’t this a cute board I made!)

As I tried to catalog my recipes I found MOST of my favorites fell into the category of Comfort Foods, so I’m putting that for 2 nights, plus we are often at my moms house for Sunday dinners. 

I’m not so excited that for Monday night, my birthday, the boys picked mac & cheese & hotdogs, but I doubt I’ll want to cook much either, at least until Paul is done with school in a few weeks. 

I’m curious, has anyone else tried theme nights?  If so, has it worked for your families?

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