Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fitness Friday

Didn't do so great with my exercise this week...only did it one day, but at least I got one day done! And it said I had lost weight too, which is amazing considering all the Christmas goodies around the house. I still have more goodies to bake (and eat) but I'll try to exercise even more next week and I've got to drink more water.
Anybody have any idea how many calories a nursing mother "should" eat...especially if I want my baby and I to stay healthy...but I still want to loose weight?
Wish me luck!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Getting back on the horse

I know I've said this before, but I'm getting started again on the Wii Fit. I want to do it everyday again like I did before I got pregnant with Chris, but I'm not going to beat myself up if I don't accomplish it. I'm still waking up multiple times in the middle of the night to nurse so I don't always have the energy to work out first thing in the morning, and I know for myself, that if I don't do it early in the morning, I'm not going to get it done. I got on this morning, did over 30 min (mostly aerobics) and feel great! I've already lost the 18 lbs I gained while pregnant and am down another 5 lbs on top of that. I still have 10 lbs I want to loose, but I'll be patient and keep working out. I'm still hopeful my husband will buy me the EA Sports Active and the Wii Fit Plus for Christmas, so I know that will help! Wish me luck!

Friday, November 6, 2009

$150 shopping spree at 5 minutes for mom

5 Minutes for Mom is starting their Christmas Giveaways with a $150 shopping spree from their stores. Check it out here and see all the awesome stuff they have on their site!

Wow...look at the time!

Can you believe it's November already? I'm having a baby in 3 days! AAAAAHHHHHH!
I'm a little freaked out and realize I haven't blogged in quite a long time. Then again, I don't think anyone really reads this blog, so it's probably not that big of a deal.

Anyway, I've got lots of great goals I want to try to accomplish and other than my personal journal, I think this is the best place for me to try to keep track of some of them.

Here are the goals I've set recently:

1. Drink water like a fish. I will be nursing my new baby and I really think that the water intake will help me drop the 18 lbs I put on with this pregnancy, plus the extra 15-20 lbs I want to loose on top of that. I believe it helped with kid A but I didn't do it as much with kid B. Maybe that's partly why I didn't drop the weight as easily with kid B. I'm not going to focus on working out or anything until after the holiday season...still hoping I get Wii Fit Plus and EA Sports Active for Christmas.

2. Read scriptures daily. Now that I'm in the RS Presidency (seriously...what was He thinking?) I know I need to focus more on the spirituality stuff. I am going to start with the conference Ensign, read The Church News and Mormon Times, and study with Preach My Gospel. I know this won't be easy with a newborn to set a schedule yet, but that's my goal and I'm sticking to it!

3. Keep the house cleaner. I finally after MONTHS dusted off the top of the entertainment center and fireplace. GROSSSSS! I've got to do a better job. I'd love a maid to come help me clean once or twice a month, but that doesn't magically seem to be happening, so I'm going to endeavor to do better myself. Again, this one might not be a priority on days when I can't even find time to shower due to the baby, but I've got to at least try cause that was really gross!

4. Get all Christmas shopping (including stockings) done before Thanksgiving. I'm well on my way, but still feel I have a lot to do. I'd like to get the Christmas cards out sooner rather than later too, but we'll see. I'm starting to enter the Christmas giveaways on some of the websites so you'll see more posts about those randomly on this site, plus see more buttons on the side. I started this last year and have actually won quite a few things over the past year. Hopefully I can win more stuff this year.

I have no idea how crazy life will be starting next week with a newborn, but I'm going to try to keep some of these goals. Wish me luck as I embark on this next phase of with 3 kids!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Friday, May 29, 2009

My first Giveaway!!!! A Poster Print from UPrinting

I'm excited to host my very first giveaway!  I was contacted by UPrinting earlier this month and they are sponsoring my blog and have asked me to host this giveaway.  

Who wouldn't like a free 18x24 Poster Print to hang on your wall?  I'd probably put a family picture in, but it might be something just of my boys...then again we're heading to Hawaii soon, so maybe we'll get an amazing scenery shot.  There are so many options to choose from.  And with Father's Day coming up this giveaway has perfect timing.  

I haven't personally tried their Poster Printing or Canvas Printing but my mother-in-law has a fabulous canvas print of our last big family group picture on her wall and I'd love to have something similar in my home.  

Check out the different options available at and you'll be amazed at how reasonable the prices are and I'm sure you'll want one of your own.  And what better way to get one on your own than to win one here!

Here's how to enter.  Leave a comment on this post describing the photo you would use to print your prize if you won.  Those of you who have a blog, post about this giveaway with a link back to my blog and you can get a second entry (leave a second comment letting me know you did it.)  This giveaway is only open to US or Canadian resident and will run from this Friday until next Friday.  I will use to choose the winner on Friday, June 5, 2009 at noon and will announce the winner that evening.  I will e-mail the winner later that day.  

Good luck everyone!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fitness Friday Post

I started this week with big aspirations and a goal to work out at least 3 times for 30 min each.  But this first trimester isn't quite done yet, and mornings were really quite difficult for me.  I only got one session done, but at least I did that.  Monday I worked out in my pajamas, since my workout clothes don't fit.  My pants were a little too long as I did the step aerobics and I really should have worn a sports bra for the run, but I did get first place on the Basic Run - Short with 205%!  I haven't moved on to the Long or Island Lap because I am still so winded so easily.  I did my 30 min and moved on with my day.

I'm super proud of my husband, I think he worked out every single day, and did at least 30 min each time.  I need to take a page out of his book and do a little better.  Oh well, there's always next week!  Wish me luck (no more morning sickness and a little more energy.)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

JVC BlogHer Sweepstakes

I entered the JVC BlogHer Sweepstakes to try to get to the BlogHer conference in Ohio.  Check it out here.  

Monday, April 27, 2009

Fitness Friday Post

Well, I haven't posted on Fitness Friday for way too long, but that's because I haven't exercised in way too long! Don't think I'm just lazy, I'm finally ready to announce this pregnancy and morning sickess has taken it's toll in the past month or so. I'm just about done with this first trimester and hoping that I start feeling better any day now. Some days are better than others, and I decided I was ready to start working out this week. I like working out in the morning best, despite how hard it's been in the mornings. My goal is to work out 3 times this week for 30 min each. I won't push myself too hard, but I've got to get started. I'm beginning this pregnancy 13 lbs heavier than the last 2 and while I still want to loose 10 lbs, I know it's more important to just stay healthy for the baby. Morning sickess has caused me to loose 5 lbs and my goal is only to gain 20 lbs in total. Wish me luck!

Here's how the week turned out.

Monday - I got up at a good time, ate breakfast with my kids, got my oldest off to school, and thought I was doing good, but then I began to feel sick to my stomach so I laid on the couch for an extra 2 hours then still felt sick. I finally just took a shower and got ready for the day. Guess working out will have to wait another day.

Tuesday - Despite the heavy rain and flooding here and no school for the kiddos I finally got on the Wii Fit for the first time in over a month. I started off with Yoga and Strength Training and was totally winded after just a few exercises. I moved on to Aerobics and did the Advanced Step and Walked the Basic Run. I did the last 10 minutes in Balance Games to cool down and was still exhausted at the end. Then I did my Body Test and it confirmed that I've lost 5 lbs in the past month. That's not from exercise ladies, that's from being sick and not wanting to eat anything. I was pleased that my age was 2 years younger than my real age and I think it was a great first start back to being fit.

Wednesday - I allowed myself to be pretty relaxed this morning, but did get started about 9am. I was too winded to go on after 20 min, but at least I did it! I did pretty much the same routine as Tuesday, but with different Yoga and Strength Training and I didn't do any balance games. I was happy again to have my age be 3 years younger than real life! I think I'm going to have to get new work out clothes though, because these are already too tight on my belly and are uncomfortable.

Thursday - My husband got up early this morning and worked out for the first time in a month then left it on for me, so I had to do it! I did get my 30 min in and I'm finding while I do get winded easily, I am doing better and lasting for longer before I feel I'm too tired to go on. Guess that means I'm getting back in shape a little. But I am exhausted right now and need to shower!

Friday - I had my dr apt this morning and showered and got ready instead of working out, but hey, I already got my 3 days in so I'm a winner!  I heard the heartbeat today and so far everyone is healthy so I can't complain about anything!  Wish me luck and any advice you can offer about exercising while pregnant will be greatly appreciated.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Diaper Bag Giveaway at Full Nest Reviews

My good friend Stacey just started a new blog called Full Nest Reviews and is hosting a giveaway for an awesome diaper bag. Check it out!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fitness Friday Post - Week 8 and 9

I was out of town last weekend, Spring Break and all, so I didn't get to post about last week and now it's past time already to post for this week. Where does the time fly?

Last week I didn't do great on the Wii Fit, but it was Spring Break so what do you expect? What is it about having the kids home that means you don't get anything done? My schedule was totally off. I did get my 30 min Monday and Tuesday and actually did some good workouts, but Wednesday was the 1 year anniversary of my father's death and I spent the day with my mom visiting the cemetary and trying to keep her occupied. Not ideal for working out. Then we went camping for a long weekend...things were pretty busy and pretty crazy, but it sure was a lot of fun!

This week I did much better. Despite a few days of having very little energy I did work out Monday - Thursday, and most of them I got a full 30 min in. Monday I was afraid of how much weight I had gained pigging out on our camping trip, but it said I hadn't gained or lost anything. Yippee! Tuesday I did 20 min of the free run, and Wednesday I did 20 min of the free step. Wednesday night I started feeling sore and Thursday morning I could barely move, my legs were so SORE. I took it easy and didn't do any aerobics, just yoga and strength training, but still had a good work out. Friday was my DS 5yr old birthday party and I was too busy (excuses I know!) but chasing around a house full of little kids counts!

I haven't lost any more weight, but that's ok. While I'd still love to lose 10 lbs, if I can maintain where I am for a while, I'll be happy. Staying healthy for me and my family is most important. I'm changing my goal to maintenance for now but I'm motivated to eat healthy and continue to exercise for now. I'd love to stay in the normal range and never move up to overweight, but I'll let you know how that goal goes. Wish me luck!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Fitness Friday - 7

I participated in the Wii Mommies Blogswap this week and send my entry to Jen over at But she's going through some family stuff right now with her dad and she hasn't posted my blog post yet. That's ok. The girl who was assigned to post on my site hasn't contacted me at all, so I'll just go ahead and post my own entry here. If it gets posted on both sites, that'll be ok.

I’m excited to post here on Jen’s site for my Fitness Friday post. I think the Wii Mommies have a great idea here with this blogswap and I’m sure this will increase traffic on lots of posts!

Here’s a little about myself first though. My name is Jen also and I am a SAHM with 2 little boys, 5 and 2. They keep me plenty busy, but in my “spare time” I work as an environmental consultant, teach Baby Sign Language classes and work with the youth at my church. I typically blog at I blog about contests, giveaways, and my Fitness Friday updates.

I try to work out every day on the Wii Fit for 30 min (except Sunday) and have been doing this for about 7 weeks now. I typically start with some aerobics, then do a full row of yoga and the corresponding strength training, then move on to more aerobics and finish with a column of balance games. I’ve lost approximately 5 lbs, but want to lose 15-20 more (unless I get pregnant soon which I REALLY hope happens).

My whole family does the Wii Fit too. My husband and I have a healthy competition going. I beat him on most of the yoga but he beats me on the strength training. We’re pretty even on the Aerobics and Balance Games though. My 5 year old really likes to do it (it’s his first introduction to any video games!) and can do most of the exercises fairly well. My 2 year old likes to stand next to me and pretend to do the exercises, but can’t really do it well standing on the board, so he doesn’t even try much anymore. If I stand behind him and hold onto his hips, I can get him to have the highest score on the Table Tilt though!

This week I haven’t done as well as I would have liked too. Saturday I had to go teach a class at 9am, so I only got 5 min done in the morning. That evening my 5yr old got sick and he stayed home Sunday – Thursday. Monday I got 16 min, Tuesday and Wednesday I didn’t get any. Thursday I did my full 30 min and felt really good about it.

It may not be my best week, but I still feel motivated and promise to get back on that horse this next week. For anyone looking to loose weight and have fun without paying for a gym membership I definitely recommend the Wii Fit. You could even try to win one from the Wii Mommies contests and twitter party this Saturday!

Good luck and thanks to Jen for letting me post on her great website!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Who reads this?

I know some read this blog on Fridays when I link up on the Wii Mommies Fitness Friday posts, but I'm really curious who follows this blog on a regular basis. If you subscribe to my feed on Google Reader or follow me on Blogger, or check this often just drop me a quick comment and let me know.

(I'm trying to decide what I can and can't post here based on my audience!)

Wii Mommies Contests and Twitter Party

So I'm totally excited about the Wii Mommies newest contests and twitter party. I've never been a part of a twitter party before, but I'll definitely log in on Saturday night. And you can go to each of the mommies different websites to enter for different prizes for the Wii. I would LOVE to win a new game for the Wii. Check it out!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Fitness Friday Post - 6

First of all, I had so much fun in the Wii Olympics Saturday! I did my events first thing in the morning, got new high scores for everything and was pretty excited. Then my husband came along and beat me in every category! I had to go back and beat him on a few later when he was at a church meeting! And we won some stuff too! Yippee!

Saturday, as part of the Olympics, I did the Island Lap 3 times, the Hula Hoop only once (I'm so bad at that one!), and did each of the 3 balance games LOTS! I think my final time was 1 hour 16 minutes.

Sunday I did my balance test as always, but I don't work out on Sundays.

Monday I wasn't really into it, still a little burned out from Saturday, plus it was cold, so I had turned on the fireplace, but then it was too hot to do my exercises. I did some aerobics, deep breathing and ALL the balance games. It was fun and I got my 30 min.

Tuesday I got 33 min done. I did one row of yoga, and lots of aerobics.

Wednesday I got 30 min, did another row of yoga, some strength training, quite a bit of aerobics, then tried the soccer heading. I'm getting better at it, but there's no way I'll ever get it perfect!

Thursday I just didn't feel like exercising. I did my body test to get the stamp, and it said I had gained 2.5 lbs which made me grumpy. True, I had fast food for lunch and ice cream for a snack after some major potty training setbacks yesterday, but I had a nice big salad for dinner and didn't eat any food at the party I went to in the evening. 2.5 lbs! Grumpy!

Friday I did much better again. Got 31 min in of one row of Yoga, no strength training today though, lots of aerobics and just a little balance. Luckily it said I had dropped 3.1 lbs, so that makes up for yesterday's scale error! That puts my total at 5.1 lbs since I started. Yippee! And my age was 27 (I'm almost 32 in real life) So I'm happy today.

If only I could get my 5 yr old to not have potty training issues...then I'd be REALLY HAPPY!

Olympic Results

I am proud to say that the Thomas Family represented well at Saturday's Wii Olympics.
Paul won second place on the Soccer Heading and the Penguin Slide and fourth place overall.
I got second place on the Ski Jump and 3rd Place on the Basic Run!

However, the woman who won first place in almost every category was international, so we got even better prizes than we thought!

I do love free stuff! Thanks to the Wii Mommies for putting it together! I hope they do it again.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Paul's Wii Olympics

My husband Paul competed too and here are his scores

Island Lap

Hula Hoop

Soccer Heading

Ski Jump

Penguin Slide

Wii Mommies Olympics

Here are my entries for the Wii Mommies Olympics.

This is for my Basic Run - Island Lap
I did the Island Lap 3 times today. The first time I only got 101%, the second time I got 204% and the third time I got my 280%. Still not as good as the 309% I have in first place, but I'm still proud of it!

This is my Super Hula Hoop - 10 minutes

This is for the Soccer Heading - Advanced

Here's my penguin slide.  I've done it several times, but this one was first and is the best time I've gotten so far.  

This is my ski jump
I was happy with my 346m, then my husband got 355m so I had to try again and got 372m!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fitness Friday Post - 5

This week I decided to push myself harder. I've been enjoying working out, but am still a little frustrated that the pounds are not melting away. Instead of working out for 30 min a day I set a goal to work out for 45 minutes. I also set a goal to work out first thing in the morning instead of after the kids naps.

I had already exercised Friday before I posted last week, so the 30 min on Friday goes to last week.

Saturday I got 45 min. I didn't do any strength training, but I am having fun doing the running and I think I have all 10 spots on the Advanced Step.

Sunday I don't ever work out, but I did do my body test.

Monday I got 47 min. I did half the yoga and the corresponding strength training, then a bunch of aerobics. I've been working on the rhythm boxing and finally got the trainer to say "Good Job." I didn't get any balance games in today, but I enjoyed my workout regardless.

Tuesday I got 48 min. I did the other half of the yoga and strength training, lots of aerobics and some balance games.

Wednesday I got 45 min. I have been unable to get 800 spins on the 3 minute Super Hula Hoop, but I keep trying. I'm still running every day and am enjoying it.

Thursday I couldn't muster the motivation to keep going. I think I had burnt out a little. I woke up, put on my exercise clothes, then checked my e-mail, played on facebook, and goofed off some to avoid working out. I did get 20 min done, but my heart wasn't in it. I did the Island Lap, thinking it would give me an easy 12 minutes, but my burn rate was only 65% and it only gave me 8 minutes. :(

Friday I re-dedicated myself and did my 45 minutes. I did my yoga, strength training, aerobic and balance games. It was a good workout, but I didn't push myself too much. I'm really enjoying the boxing (Thanks to Tiffany from for encouraging me to try it!)

At the end I was proud to see I had lost another pound, which brings my total to 4. Still not the progress I want, but I'm proud of myself regardless. I sure wish I was seeing more results, but I'm glad I'm still having fun. I'm also proud of myself for doing it everyday this month!

You can bet I'll be doing it tomorrow with the Wii Fit Olympics also.

Congrats to Jenn from the Coupon Coup for the expansion. I look forward to the new section on the forum for prenatal care. I still hope to have an expansion of my own soon as I am just finishing my 4th round of Clomid. I hope to have something to announce in a few weeks. Wish me luck!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fitness Friday Post - 4

I'm dang proud of myself! I haven't EVER had an exercise routine before, but here I am, still doing this 4 weeks later everyday! Now I was out of town Friday and Saturday, but I did manage to do my body test before I left Friday and after I got back Saturday and again on Sunday. So far my pretty pink calendar for February has a beautiful pink heart on EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!

This week I've still been able to get 30 min in Monday through Friday and I'm feeling good about it. While technically I've lost 3 lbs since starting in December, I still think the scale is wacky and I don't believe I've lost any weight. I think I need to start eating healthier, but I'm just not there yet. Somehow I've got to work on eating a healthy breakfast every day and drinking more water. I don't drink soda anyway, but I do need more liquids. I am working on a goal with some of the young women in my church to "Improve your health by developing and implementing a regular fitness program and learning to cook and eat food that is part of a healthful diet." I've got my fitness program, but gotta work on the healthy diet part.

As for what I've been working on this week, the 3 minute hula hoop is still kicking my butt and I've only once accomplished my goal of getting over 800 spins on it (796 today...grrr!). I'm still not ready to move up to the 6 minute. I did fall in love with the running this week though. Thanks to Cynthia's post on Tuesday I've been running at a slower, much more steady pace and tried to actually enjoy the "sights" on the Wii Fit Island. The first time I tried it my burn rate was a whopping 228%! Heck Yah! The next time it was 202%. My Yoga Form is getting better, but some of the strength training is just too hard for me. Seriously, push-ups! Not my cup of tea, but I do some everyday, so hopefully I'll get better eventually.

Although still trying to get preggers with #3, I'd like to loose the "mommy belly" I still have from my 2.5yr old son. Any suggestions on which exercises are going to help get rid of that flab the best? Is hula hooping every day really going to melt it away? Let me know your thoughts!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fitness Friday Post - 3

Here's my third week posting my Wii Fit experience and I'm proud to say that I exercised EVERY DAY. Now granted I didn't make my 30 min goal over the weekend, but I did make it every week day and I'm pretty happy about it.

I'll admit, I'm impatient! I want results and I want them NOW, but as I tell the families I teach Baby Sign Language to, "don't give up, you will see results, just keep trying." I AM still motivated to keep going and while neither my waistline nor the scale shows improvements, I get 1st Place, New Record one something every day, my balance on the body test was perfect twice this week and my Wii Fit age is in the 20s often, so that's something.

My routine is holding up so far, a row of Yoga with the corresponding Strength Training, some Aerobics, then finally the fun balance games. Then I top it off with my Body Test. I'm still having fun, and my little guys keep watching me, cheering me on, which I love!

I'm trying to work my way up to the challenge on the 6 minute Super Hula Hoop but the 3 minute is still kicking my butt. Hopefully I'll post more about that next week!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New Crock Pot Blog

Check out this blog for 365 days of crock potting. I can't wait to try some of the recipes!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Fitness Friday Post - 2

Here's my second week of being accountable for my fitness. Knowing that I'm going to be posting this does make me want to do better! Thanks Wii Fit Mommies!

  • Friday I worked out for 30 min as soon as I posted last week! I felt good!
  • Saturday we had battery issues and it kept getting disconnected :( My husband finally fixed it, but I had already taken a shower, so...oh well, it marked that I had 5 minutes!
  • Sunday I did my body test and worked out for 5 minutes, but I was working on family history with my mom and felt that was more important. When I did my body test it said I had gained 15 lbs since Friday. AS IF! Whatever!
This week I've kinda gotten into a routine. Start with one aerobics, then do a full line of yoga and some of the strength training that go with it, then move on to some more aerobics for most of the time, and finish with a column of balance games. Then I do my Body Test. I find I do better on my body test at the end.
  • Monday I worked out for over 30 min. I tried the Super Hula Hoop 10 minutes...that wore me out! But I was pleased to have my Age be 24! Too bad my weight was only down 1 lb.
  • Tuesday I again got my 30 min and did the basic run, island lap, for the first time. I was exhausted by the end and was glad it gave me 9 minutes credit for that. In general I wasn't really feeling it as I did my yoga and strength training. Again it said I lost less than a pound.
  • Wednesday, I didn't do as good. I can make lots of excuses about taking the kids to the library and having a church activity I was in charge of, but they are just excuses. I did do my body test though, so that's something...right? Two pounds gone today. I don't trust the scale though!
  • Thursday my mom was over, my husband came home from work early and I taught a baby sign language class. Seems like the same excuses from the day before! My body test today said I had gained 3 lbs. Grrrr.
  • Friday again, I know I'm about to post but I did just work out for over 30 minutes and felt really good about it! I've got kids home sick today, but not too sick thank goodness. We all just worked out then took a nice long shower together! Again my scale was wacky. I took it and it said I had lost the 3 lbs from yesterday, but then one of my kids was playing with my remote, so I had to re-do the test and 2 minutes later it said I had lost 5 lbs. Whatever!
I'll keep at it and post again next week...I promise!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Fitness Friday Post

Well, I haven't been as valiant this past week on the Wii Fit as I tried to be, but I'm still pretty proud of myself. And I won on the Wii Fit Mommies Forum yesterday! Yippee!

I worked out for over half an hour on Friday, Saturday, Monday and Wednesday. Sunday and Tuesday I only did my body test and nothing else and Thursday I didn't even turn it on (although I did play bowling on Wii Sports with my little boys.) Both Friday and Saturday I did a full row of Yoga and then the Strength training exercises they told me to do to complete the workouts. I'd also do some aerobics and MAN WAS I SORE Saturday night and Sunday. Monday and Wednesday I did more Aerobics and Balance Games and just a little Yoga.

I'm really loving doing this, and I feel pretty motivated, both by myself and by my 2 kids and husband who are also all doing it. I don't trust the scale on it though, it'll tell me I've gained 10 lbs one day and that I've lost 10 lbs the next day. Ignoring those few random outliers, I think it says I've lost about 5 lbs since I started right after Christmas. I haven't noticed it on my body yet, but I really hope that happens soon.

I'm also really hoping to get pregnant again soon (we've been trying for well over a year) and feel confident that this will be a good way to exercise when I'm preggo, although it may throw my balance off some. Pray for me that I get blessed with another child soon!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Gift card to Carrabas

Go to 5 Minutes for Giveaways to try to win a $50 gift card to Carrabas. It's where Paul and I went on our first date so I love it!