Saturday, February 28, 2009

Paul's Wii Olympics

My husband Paul competed too and here are his scores

Island Lap

Hula Hoop

Soccer Heading

Ski Jump

Penguin Slide

Wii Mommies Olympics

Here are my entries for the Wii Mommies Olympics.

This is for my Basic Run - Island Lap
I did the Island Lap 3 times today. The first time I only got 101%, the second time I got 204% and the third time I got my 280%. Still not as good as the 309% I have in first place, but I'm still proud of it!

This is my Super Hula Hoop - 10 minutes

This is for the Soccer Heading - Advanced

Here's my penguin slide.  I've done it several times, but this one was first and is the best time I've gotten so far.  

This is my ski jump
I was happy with my 346m, then my husband got 355m so I had to try again and got 372m!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fitness Friday Post - 5

This week I decided to push myself harder. I've been enjoying working out, but am still a little frustrated that the pounds are not melting away. Instead of working out for 30 min a day I set a goal to work out for 45 minutes. I also set a goal to work out first thing in the morning instead of after the kids naps.

I had already exercised Friday before I posted last week, so the 30 min on Friday goes to last week.

Saturday I got 45 min. I didn't do any strength training, but I am having fun doing the running and I think I have all 10 spots on the Advanced Step.

Sunday I don't ever work out, but I did do my body test.

Monday I got 47 min. I did half the yoga and the corresponding strength training, then a bunch of aerobics. I've been working on the rhythm boxing and finally got the trainer to say "Good Job." I didn't get any balance games in today, but I enjoyed my workout regardless.

Tuesday I got 48 min. I did the other half of the yoga and strength training, lots of aerobics and some balance games.

Wednesday I got 45 min. I have been unable to get 800 spins on the 3 minute Super Hula Hoop, but I keep trying. I'm still running every day and am enjoying it.

Thursday I couldn't muster the motivation to keep going. I think I had burnt out a little. I woke up, put on my exercise clothes, then checked my e-mail, played on facebook, and goofed off some to avoid working out. I did get 20 min done, but my heart wasn't in it. I did the Island Lap, thinking it would give me an easy 12 minutes, but my burn rate was only 65% and it only gave me 8 minutes. :(

Friday I re-dedicated myself and did my 45 minutes. I did my yoga, strength training, aerobic and balance games. It was a good workout, but I didn't push myself too much. I'm really enjoying the boxing (Thanks to Tiffany from for encouraging me to try it!)

At the end I was proud to see I had lost another pound, which brings my total to 4. Still not the progress I want, but I'm proud of myself regardless. I sure wish I was seeing more results, but I'm glad I'm still having fun. I'm also proud of myself for doing it everyday this month!

You can bet I'll be doing it tomorrow with the Wii Fit Olympics also.

Congrats to Jenn from the Coupon Coup for the expansion. I look forward to the new section on the forum for prenatal care. I still hope to have an expansion of my own soon as I am just finishing my 4th round of Clomid. I hope to have something to announce in a few weeks. Wish me luck!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fitness Friday Post - 4

I'm dang proud of myself! I haven't EVER had an exercise routine before, but here I am, still doing this 4 weeks later everyday! Now I was out of town Friday and Saturday, but I did manage to do my body test before I left Friday and after I got back Saturday and again on Sunday. So far my pretty pink calendar for February has a beautiful pink heart on EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!

This week I've still been able to get 30 min in Monday through Friday and I'm feeling good about it. While technically I've lost 3 lbs since starting in December, I still think the scale is wacky and I don't believe I've lost any weight. I think I need to start eating healthier, but I'm just not there yet. Somehow I've got to work on eating a healthy breakfast every day and drinking more water. I don't drink soda anyway, but I do need more liquids. I am working on a goal with some of the young women in my church to "Improve your health by developing and implementing a regular fitness program and learning to cook and eat food that is part of a healthful diet." I've got my fitness program, but gotta work on the healthy diet part.

As for what I've been working on this week, the 3 minute hula hoop is still kicking my butt and I've only once accomplished my goal of getting over 800 spins on it (796 today...grrr!). I'm still not ready to move up to the 6 minute. I did fall in love with the running this week though. Thanks to Cynthia's post on Tuesday I've been running at a slower, much more steady pace and tried to actually enjoy the "sights" on the Wii Fit Island. The first time I tried it my burn rate was a whopping 228%! Heck Yah! The next time it was 202%. My Yoga Form is getting better, but some of the strength training is just too hard for me. Seriously, push-ups! Not my cup of tea, but I do some everyday, so hopefully I'll get better eventually.

Although still trying to get preggers with #3, I'd like to loose the "mommy belly" I still have from my 2.5yr old son. Any suggestions on which exercises are going to help get rid of that flab the best? Is hula hooping every day really going to melt it away? Let me know your thoughts!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fitness Friday Post - 3

Here's my third week posting my Wii Fit experience and I'm proud to say that I exercised EVERY DAY. Now granted I didn't make my 30 min goal over the weekend, but I did make it every week day and I'm pretty happy about it.

I'll admit, I'm impatient! I want results and I want them NOW, but as I tell the families I teach Baby Sign Language to, "don't give up, you will see results, just keep trying." I AM still motivated to keep going and while neither my waistline nor the scale shows improvements, I get 1st Place, New Record one something every day, my balance on the body test was perfect twice this week and my Wii Fit age is in the 20s often, so that's something.

My routine is holding up so far, a row of Yoga with the corresponding Strength Training, some Aerobics, then finally the fun balance games. Then I top it off with my Body Test. I'm still having fun, and my little guys keep watching me, cheering me on, which I love!

I'm trying to work my way up to the challenge on the 6 minute Super Hula Hoop but the 3 minute is still kicking my butt. Hopefully I'll post more about that next week!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New Crock Pot Blog

Check out this blog for 365 days of crock potting. I can't wait to try some of the recipes!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Fitness Friday Post - 2

Here's my second week of being accountable for my fitness. Knowing that I'm going to be posting this does make me want to do better! Thanks Wii Fit Mommies!

  • Friday I worked out for 30 min as soon as I posted last week! I felt good!
  • Saturday we had battery issues and it kept getting disconnected :( My husband finally fixed it, but I had already taken a shower, so...oh well, it marked that I had 5 minutes!
  • Sunday I did my body test and worked out for 5 minutes, but I was working on family history with my mom and felt that was more important. When I did my body test it said I had gained 15 lbs since Friday. AS IF! Whatever!
This week I've kinda gotten into a routine. Start with one aerobics, then do a full line of yoga and some of the strength training that go with it, then move on to some more aerobics for most of the time, and finish with a column of balance games. Then I do my Body Test. I find I do better on my body test at the end.
  • Monday I worked out for over 30 min. I tried the Super Hula Hoop 10 minutes...that wore me out! But I was pleased to have my Age be 24! Too bad my weight was only down 1 lb.
  • Tuesday I again got my 30 min and did the basic run, island lap, for the first time. I was exhausted by the end and was glad it gave me 9 minutes credit for that. In general I wasn't really feeling it as I did my yoga and strength training. Again it said I lost less than a pound.
  • Wednesday, I didn't do as good. I can make lots of excuses about taking the kids to the library and having a church activity I was in charge of, but they are just excuses. I did do my body test though, so that's something...right? Two pounds gone today. I don't trust the scale though!
  • Thursday my mom was over, my husband came home from work early and I taught a baby sign language class. Seems like the same excuses from the day before! My body test today said I had gained 3 lbs. Grrrr.
  • Friday again, I know I'm about to post but I did just work out for over 30 minutes and felt really good about it! I've got kids home sick today, but not too sick thank goodness. We all just worked out then took a nice long shower together! Again my scale was wacky. I took it and it said I had lost the 3 lbs from yesterday, but then one of my kids was playing with my remote, so I had to re-do the test and 2 minutes later it said I had lost 5 lbs. Whatever!
I'll keep at it and post again next week...I promise!