Monday, February 2, 2009

Fitness Friday Post - 2

Here's my second week of being accountable for my fitness. Knowing that I'm going to be posting this does make me want to do better! Thanks Wii Fit Mommies!

  • Friday I worked out for 30 min as soon as I posted last week! I felt good!
  • Saturday we had battery issues and it kept getting disconnected :( My husband finally fixed it, but I had already taken a shower, so...oh well, it marked that I had 5 minutes!
  • Sunday I did my body test and worked out for 5 minutes, but I was working on family history with my mom and felt that was more important. When I did my body test it said I had gained 15 lbs since Friday. AS IF! Whatever!
This week I've kinda gotten into a routine. Start with one aerobics, then do a full line of yoga and some of the strength training that go with it, then move on to some more aerobics for most of the time, and finish with a column of balance games. Then I do my Body Test. I find I do better on my body test at the end.
  • Monday I worked out for over 30 min. I tried the Super Hula Hoop 10 minutes...that wore me out! But I was pleased to have my Age be 24! Too bad my weight was only down 1 lb.
  • Tuesday I again got my 30 min and did the basic run, island lap, for the first time. I was exhausted by the end and was glad it gave me 9 minutes credit for that. In general I wasn't really feeling it as I did my yoga and strength training. Again it said I lost less than a pound.
  • Wednesday, I didn't do as good. I can make lots of excuses about taking the kids to the library and having a church activity I was in charge of, but they are just excuses. I did do my body test though, so that's something...right? Two pounds gone today. I don't trust the scale though!
  • Thursday my mom was over, my husband came home from work early and I taught a baby sign language class. Seems like the same excuses from the day before! My body test today said I had gained 3 lbs. Grrrr.
  • Friday again, I know I'm about to post but I did just work out for over 30 minutes and felt really good about it! I've got kids home sick today, but not too sick thank goodness. We all just worked out then took a nice long shower together! Again my scale was wacky. I took it and it said I had lost the 3 lbs from yesterday, but then one of my kids was playing with my remote, so I had to re-do the test and 2 minutes later it said I had lost 5 lbs. Whatever!
I'll keep at it and post again next week...I promise!


Aunt LoLo said...

Keep at it, Mama! My Fit turned on me, too - traitor! Look at the overall slope of the line, instead of the day to day. :-)

Stacy's Random Thoughts said...

Keep up the good work! At least you did your WiiFit this week unlike me... ;)

Kay said...

I don't trust the scale either. And our weight varies depending on the time of day anyway. I don't get upset about what it says about my weight. But keep at it.. at least it's in your thoughts. It helps me to realize I'm going to tell how it went and I would rather report 'good' news! LOL

Jenn said...

That scale madness would be really frustrating! But you did a GOOD JOB on getting something in almost every day! I'm impressed!

Keep up the good work...can't wait to hear what you do next Friday!

Veggiemomof2 said...

I do better with the body test at the end of training too.

I don't trust the scale either, so I judge by how my clothes fit. I have learned 10lbs lost usually means I drop 1 pants size.

Good Luck next week!