Friday, March 13, 2009

Fitness Friday - 7

I participated in the Wii Mommies Blogswap this week and send my entry to Jen over at But she's going through some family stuff right now with her dad and she hasn't posted my blog post yet. That's ok. The girl who was assigned to post on my site hasn't contacted me at all, so I'll just go ahead and post my own entry here. If it gets posted on both sites, that'll be ok.

I’m excited to post here on Jen’s site for my Fitness Friday post. I think the Wii Mommies have a great idea here with this blogswap and I’m sure this will increase traffic on lots of posts!

Here’s a little about myself first though. My name is Jen also and I am a SAHM with 2 little boys, 5 and 2. They keep me plenty busy, but in my “spare time” I work as an environmental consultant, teach Baby Sign Language classes and work with the youth at my church. I typically blog at I blog about contests, giveaways, and my Fitness Friday updates.

I try to work out every day on the Wii Fit for 30 min (except Sunday) and have been doing this for about 7 weeks now. I typically start with some aerobics, then do a full row of yoga and the corresponding strength training, then move on to more aerobics and finish with a column of balance games. I’ve lost approximately 5 lbs, but want to lose 15-20 more (unless I get pregnant soon which I REALLY hope happens).

My whole family does the Wii Fit too. My husband and I have a healthy competition going. I beat him on most of the yoga but he beats me on the strength training. We’re pretty even on the Aerobics and Balance Games though. My 5 year old really likes to do it (it’s his first introduction to any video games!) and can do most of the exercises fairly well. My 2 year old likes to stand next to me and pretend to do the exercises, but can’t really do it well standing on the board, so he doesn’t even try much anymore. If I stand behind him and hold onto his hips, I can get him to have the highest score on the Table Tilt though!

This week I haven’t done as well as I would have liked too. Saturday I had to go teach a class at 9am, so I only got 5 min done in the morning. That evening my 5yr old got sick and he stayed home Sunday – Thursday. Monday I got 16 min, Tuesday and Wednesday I didn’t get any. Thursday I did my full 30 min and felt really good about it.

It may not be my best week, but I still feel motivated and promise to get back on that horse this next week. For anyone looking to loose weight and have fun without paying for a gym membership I definitely recommend the Wii Fit. You could even try to win one from the Wii Mommies contests and twitter party this Saturday!

Good luck and thanks to Jen for letting me post on her great website!


Colleen said...

You stay pretty busy! My son loves playing the Wii fit also..but a lot of times I have him stand by me to do it cause he cant get the leg movements so it doesnt work right...He is so funny.

Brimful Curiosities said...

Someday I hope to own a Wii. Would love to try Wii fit sometime.