Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fitness Friday Post - Week 8 and 9

I was out of town last weekend, Spring Break and all, so I didn't get to post about last week and now it's past time already to post for this week. Where does the time fly?

Last week I didn't do great on the Wii Fit, but it was Spring Break so what do you expect? What is it about having the kids home that means you don't get anything done? My schedule was totally off. I did get my 30 min Monday and Tuesday and actually did some good workouts, but Wednesday was the 1 year anniversary of my father's death and I spent the day with my mom visiting the cemetary and trying to keep her occupied. Not ideal for working out. Then we went camping for a long weekend...things were pretty busy and pretty crazy, but it sure was a lot of fun!

This week I did much better. Despite a few days of having very little energy I did work out Monday - Thursday, and most of them I got a full 30 min in. Monday I was afraid of how much weight I had gained pigging out on our camping trip, but it said I hadn't gained or lost anything. Yippee! Tuesday I did 20 min of the free run, and Wednesday I did 20 min of the free step. Wednesday night I started feeling sore and Thursday morning I could barely move, my legs were so SORE. I took it easy and didn't do any aerobics, just yoga and strength training, but still had a good work out. Friday was my DS 5yr old birthday party and I was too busy (excuses I know!) but chasing around a house full of little kids counts!

I haven't lost any more weight, but that's ok. While I'd still love to lose 10 lbs, if I can maintain where I am for a while, I'll be happy. Staying healthy for me and my family is most important. I'm changing my goal to maintenance for now but I'm motivated to eat healthy and continue to exercise for now. I'd love to stay in the normal range and never move up to overweight, but I'll let you know how that goal goes. Wish me luck!

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