Friday, January 22, 2010

Working on my routine

I have almost finished my EA Sports Active 30 day challenge. I've been doing it on an easy intensity and assume throughout the year I'll get to the medium and high intensity. I'm enjoying it and feel sore during and after my workout, but I don't always feel like I'm pushing myself. I haven't done much with other workouts, but I plan on working on some of those when I finish the challenge. Anyone who has suggestions on what they've liked doing on Active please let me know.

On my rest days I've been using the Wii Fit Plus. Last year this time I was really good at using the Wii Fit and would do 30 min every day of yoga, strength training and mostly aerobics. So far this year I've tried putting together some of the routines they have, but haven't found exactly what I want. I really wish it was more customizable. I'll admit when I do get on the Wii Fit Plus I'm often playing around with the new stuff on Training Plus, but most of that isn't very aerobic...but they are fun.

I need to get myself organized and figure out a good routine...or a few good routines...that will help me feel myself pushed and help me see results.

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Colleen said...

congrats on being so far through the 30 day challenge. I am letting my friend use that one and I am using the new active, which i love.

for the wii fit I like to get in at least 20 minutes of the aerobics like the 10 min hula hoop and 10 min boxing...then add in other shorter routines. I think the chicken arm flapping game and the obstacle course can work up a sweat and are fun. I dont really like the routine section because I hate how it will have you do some boxing or hula hoop but it is at the beginner level...that drives me nuts, so I dont use that much.