Friday, September 23, 2011

All My Children

While it may not be popular to admit, I have watched soap operas my entire life.  All My Children on ABC has been a staple of my childhood and adult life. 


And today it ended.

And yes, it made me sad.

Actually, I was really disappointed in the ending. 

It was fun this past month seeing the cameos of those who I had watched over the years come back and the funny jokes tying in what they have done since then.  The last week as they tied up “MOST” of the story lines and took family pictures of the large families actually made me almost cry a few times. 

Most people have heard of Erica Kane, one of the main characters of the show which has been played by Susan Lucci for over 40 years.  The “Gone With the Wind”-esque ending of her on again off again love interest walking out on her and telling her he doesn’t “give a damn” was funny and fitting. 

But there were too many unresolved story lines.  To end the show with an unknown someone getting shot and still not knowing who else was assumed dead but was brought back to life was really annoying to me. 

And now it’s over.  (There are talks of the show being continued online, but I can’t imagine it will really be the same.) 

So please excuse me as I mourn the loss of my noon hour indulgence.  A moment of silence please!

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