Sunday, January 2, 2011

The difference of 1pm church

We've gone to church at 9am for a long time. We had a few months the end of last year and a few months the year before that when church wasn't at 9am, but for the most part church has started at 9am. There are a lot of things I like about 9am church, but starting today, our church is at 1pm. That may seem odd to those not of my faith, but since our congregations are organized geographically and we share our building with another geographic unit (called a Ward) we trade back and forth each year with what time our ward starts.

I'm amazed at how productive I have been today. This morning I was up with my 3 kids by 6:30am like normal (I wish they slept in a little more, but they seem to wake up at 6am like clockwork!) and I got a lot done. I started watching a church video, made breakfast, chatted with my husband who is in China over the computer, got the older kids in and out of the shower, the baby down for a nap and I showered and dressed all before 9am! Then I cleaned the kitchen, read some in the scriptures, wrote in my journal, got all my papers ready for my church lesson and began composing my first blog post.

We had an early lunch and left for church around 12:30. (My mom came to help me with the boys since my husband is out of town...thanks Mom!) Church is 3 hours long and I have responsibilities in the third hour class which is just for women. I knew we wouldn't get home until after 4:30, so before I left I threw one of my favorite recipes in the crock-pot.

I got the recipe from 365 Days of Slow Cooking and while it doesn't look exactly like hers does, it tastes great and is one of my favorites!

I also made a chocolate pudding cool whip parfait with some strawberries. Again, not the best picture, but delicious!

The kids were wiped out today (and not feeling very well) and all 3 were in bed by 7:15! I guess having church at 1pm works out pretty well!

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