Monday, January 3, 2011

Pantry Challenge vs Building up Food Storage

Several of the food blogs I've read lately have talked about doing a pantry challenge. Using up what's in your pantry, buying only fresh produce and such and saving a bunch on your grocery budget for a month or so. It sounds very appealing to me. I know I have boxes of hamburger helper, cans of soup, cornbread mixes etc that really do need to be eaten up.

On the other hand, we're talking at church about provident living, building up our food storage. Wouldn't it be great to have a year's supply of food for a rainy day. Living in Houston I know how crazy it can get when a hurricane is pointed our way and people go CRAZY buying everything the can in the store. I also know many people who have had job issues and have been so blessed to have food storage built up to use when funds were tight.

Are these two idea contradictory? Can I use up my pantry foods and build my food storage at the same time? Which one is a better idea? If I decide to make more freezer meals...where does that fit in? Can anyone offer any ideas/suggestions to my quandry?

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Julie said...

I think you can combine the 2 ideas. Use up the stuff in your pantry that needs to be used, but continue to re-stock what you use and even add to it. I know that kind of defeats the "saving money by only buying fresh food" idea of the pantry challenge, but one of the reasons to have food storage is like you said - if someone is going through a rough time and can't afford to keep going to the store. I think it is better to buy food when you can afford it and when it is available instead of waiting until something happens and you can't afford it, or something like a hurricane comes through and you can't get it.

And afterall - the whole point of food storage is to only store things you will use and to rotate it so your food always stays good. So sure - use up what you have, but keep adding to it.

Just my 2 cents worth. :)