Saturday, January 22, 2011

Marv n Joe

A good friend, Angie, posted a week or so ago that they made Marv n Joe's for dinner the other night.  She was very mean...she posted pictures of them.  MADE ME SO HUNGRY!!!

I kept that picture up on my computer for a week and it kept making me hungry. 

Let me give you a little background for those of you unfortunate to have never had a Marv n Joe.  I attended Utah State University in Logan, Utah.  I loved it.  The food court (HUB) in the student center (TSC) has a bakery named Hazel's Bakery.  Delicious thick fresh baked bread.  (I'm getting hungry again). 

As an engineering student I knew who Dr. Halling and Dr. Joe were and they were really funny guys.  They had experimented with different open face sandwiches and found a combination that they liked.  It caught on and became a regular menu item.  They even wrote an article in the student newspaper about it which I’ll share here.

Since it’s specific to USU you can’t get it anywhere else…unless you make it yourself.  SO I DID!  Yesterday my husband came home for lunch and I made us some Marv n Joe’s.  And they were FABULOUS!!!!!


Bread, garlic butter, tomatoes, salt and pepper, provolone, parmesan.  Then toast it.  (I’ll admit I don’t know how to do oil and vinegar at home!)

My husband ate 2, I ate 3.  Definitely a success.  I’m pretty sure I’ll make more of them again and again. 

So let me ask a question.  Is an open face sandwich really a sandwich?  Does there have to be meat for YOU to like a sandwich?  If you did have to have meat, which meat do you think would go best with this?  Ham?  Bacon?  What do you think?


Michelle said...

Yum! Love me some Marv n Joe! There were some girls in my grad program that went to the hub for a Marv n Joe every day on our morning break.
Now I want one!!!

Anna said...

Um, all I can say is YUM! Sounds fabulous. In answer to your questions, yes, an open faced sandwich is really a sandwich. And no, I don't need meat to like a sandwich. Now I have a question - when are you making them again and can I have some? :D

Amy said...

Well, I was going to comment. And then I read the other comments and all I can say now is: ditto to Anna. You should host a Marv n Joe party for all of us non-USU people!!

Heather said...

I am not a tomatoe eater so I would take out the tomato and stick in a very thinly grilled slice of chicken breast. I don't think you have to have meat to make it a sanwich but without the meat, in this case, it would just be cheese toast.

Heather said...

Um make that a very thinly slice, grilled piece of chicken breast. I got my adjectives a bit out of order last time.

Angie and Mike said...

This pretty much was one of the best cravings. You need to add homemade bread to the directions, I seriously think that makes it too.

We've been eating these bad boys for about a week every few days or so. AWESOME in every way!

Can't wait to read this blog too. Hugs, A