Saturday, January 1, 2011

New year, new goals

We all make new years resolutions...we rarely keep them. Often things go from something we've RESOLVED to do, to something that's a goal, to something we wish we had done. I think it's human nature and we shouldn't feel bad about it. But I can resolve to make reasonable resolutions and keep them.

Often one of my problems is making too many resolutions. As part of the Pursuit of Excellence (a challenge program from my church) I'm setting goals in the categories of spiritual, intellectual, physical, service and character. I hope I'm not biting off more than I can chew.

One of the intellectual goals relates to developing a new interest in a creative field. Since I'm not typically very creative this one seemed out of my normal comfort zone. I'm thinking that maybe if I try to write interesting creative blog posts on a regular basis it will count. It will definitely be a stretch for me.

I read lots of blogs, food blogs, parenting blogs, product blogs. I'm not really hoping to "break into the blogging world" but I'd like this blog to exist for more than what it currently does. Wish me luck as I resolve to write regularly.

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