Thursday, November 10, 2011

Gratitude Thursday 2

Here we go again with 5 things I’m grateful for today

1.  This handsome boy


Christian turned 2 yesterday and is my main companion during each day.  He doesn’t talk much, but he is amazing!  He loves to play with balls and cars, say “HI”, give kisses, have me read to him, and has quite a shoe fetish!  He goes to sleep easily and still takes great naps most days which allows me to get something done.  He cracks me up and I’m so glad that I get to spend each day with him. 

2.  My Freezer


I got an extra freezer about a year and a half ago and LOVE it!  I am currently trying to do “something” for the freezer each week.  Last week was egg rolls, this week I handled 40 lbs of chicken.  Next week I’m going to attempt homemade gogurt (including homemade yogurt in the crockpot).  Freezer meals rock and this makes it SO much easier!


I LOVE our church website.  They are constantly updating the content on it.  So much information and so helpful.  I use it almost daily.  Whether I’m studying my scriptures, looking up phone numbers, or reading about my responsibilities in the Relief Society, it’s fabulous.  If you aren’t using it regularly, I highly recommend it!

4.  My Kitchen Aid


I got this for Christmas about 2 years a go and LOVE it!  Today I shredded cooked chicken in it.  (It was seriously SO EASY)  I love to make cookies and banana bread in it.  As I mentioned last week, I make bread in it now.  Technology is awesome!

5.  My sister


I remember growing up and NOT being grateful for my sister.  We were not always the best of friends.  (Remember those fights driving to school…the hair pulling and everything?)  But now that we’re both moms we talk to each other almost every day.  Often multiple times a day.  She is one of my best friends and I’m so grateful that even though we live over 1600 miles apart we are so close.  (I can’t wait to see you at Christmas Sissy)

I’m so grateful for so many things, it’s hard to pick 5 each week.  Maybe I’ll keep doing this ALWAYS! (maybe not!)

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