Thursday, November 17, 2011

Gratitude Thursday 3

5 more things I’m grateful for this week

1.  Brian


I have never met a child as loving as Brian.  If you’ve ever met him, he’s probably hugged you and told you he loves you.  He is so sweet to his baby brother and tries to cheer him up when he’s crying.  He loves to laugh and cracks me up often.  He probably infuriates me more than the other boys right now, but I can’t stay grumpy at him for long because when he smiles, his eyes twinkle and he knows it!  I am so grateful I get to be his mother and have his spirit in our home. 

2.  My house


Years before we bought our house, the subdivision had a model home of this floor plan.  When I had friends in town I’d take them through the model just because I loved the floor plan so much.  We weren’t really in the market to move, we were happy in the house we were in, but when this house came on the market at a super low price we bought it.  I really do love my house!  There are lots of projects I want to work on, but it makes me so happy as it is too.  And I love that several families in our ward are also on my street and we have lots of great neighbors too.  I am so grateful for such a beautiful house in such a friendly neighborhood. 

3.  The change in the weather

There is a slight chill in the air. The sun is shining. It finally feels like fall. We had a miserably hot summer and I was very pregnant and grumpy. I’m loving being able to play outside with the boys before it gets dark. I’m grateful for this beautiful weather while it lasts!

4.  Ritters


For those who don’t know about the Frozen Custard shop down the road from my house, let me introduce you to heaven in a cup!  My favorite is a small chocolate glacier with snickers mixed in.  Or a small cup of chocolate covered banana or strawberry romance.  And they do sell gift cards (hint hint!)  So yummy!

5.  Anna


Our shared love of Ritters might be one of the reasons why Anna and I are such good friends.  We have kids the same age and serve in the Relief Society together, but those things wouldn’t automatically make us as close of friends as we have become.  I feel so blessed that I’ve had several best friends in my life.  Lindsay in high school, Melanie in college, Julie when I was single and now Anna as a mother of small children.  We talk almost every day and since our husbands and kids get along too we do things as a family together also.  Not only does she put up with me, she “gets me” too.  Thank you Anna for being my friend!

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