Thursday, November 3, 2011

Gratitude Thursday

My friend Anna often does Gratitude Tuesday and I’ve been saying I’ll do it too, but I never do.  Today my friend Brittany did a Thankful Thursday.  I think I’ll take her lead and try to post 5 things each Thursday that I’m grateful for.  And I’m going to post this on both of my blogs!

1.  This guy slept through the night last night!


Now I’m under no illusions that he will sleep through the night again tonight, and in fact yesterday evening he had a really rough time and both Paul and I paced the floor with him trying to help him finally fall asleep.  But a good night sleep feels WONDERFUL and I’m grateful that he did sleep well last night!

2.  Yeast

bread bowl

My sister told me recently that she’s afraid of yeast, and I used to be also, but I bought a large container of dry active yeast and now I’m using it!  I have a recipe that makes ONE loaf of bread.  It’s perfect for doing something special for dinner.  Tuesday I tried THIS RECIPE that makes 12 rolls and tonight I’m going to try to make THESE breadbowls to make with THIS soup.  I haven’t gotten any of theses recipes to turn out as perfectly as I expected yet, but I’m trying.  I have a friend teaching a class on making bread in a few weeks, so maybe he can help my bread turn out better!

3.  Good books


I love to read and always have.  I’m in 2 book clubs which both had their discussions last week.  We read The Woman In White and To Kill A Mockingbird.  Both totally different from each other, but I really enjoyed reading them both.  I’m currently trying to get ready to teach Relief Society on Sunday, and I’m using Daughters in My Kingdom as my text, so I’ve been pouring through it again.  I’m very grateful for books that inspire me.

4.  Electricity


From the TV that’s entertaining my 2yo while I write this to the computer I’m writing this on, I am very grateful electricity.  I’m glad I was born in this day and age of modern conveniences.  I’m glad I can see in the dark.  I’m glad I can talk to my sister in New Jersey almost every day.  I’m glad electricity exists and that we know how to harness and use it to make our lives easier. 

5.  My amazing husband


Not only does he support our family financially allowing me to stay home with our children, but he is an amazing support to us spiritually and socially.  He loves spending time with us.  He treats me wonderfully.  He’s everything I ever hoped to have in a husband.   He’s smart.  He’s funny.  He’s a great dad.  He’s athletic.  He’s handy.  Right now he’s in the middle of woodworking, making a Christmas present which I won’t talk more about so it can stay a surprise.  Now I’m not saying he’s perfect, but I feel so lucky to have him.

I love the feeling I’ve had this morning as I composed this post.  I should write about what I’m grateful for more often.  I look forward to doing it next week!

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